UConn Fans Gear Up for March Madness

Some UConn fans probably never thought they'd spend their spring break in Iowa, but for Huskies fans, Des Moines is where des action is.

This UConn team is bringing back sweet memories of past champions to one alumna, Cara Hale, Class of 2011.

"It's pretty impressive," she said. "It feels nice. It feels like Kemba and Shabazz all over again, so it's very exciting."

Willie Isaac, of Bridgeport, bought a Huskies jacket on sale, even though he's a Duke fan.

"They're on a mission," he said of UConn. "I will give them credit and UConn is good. I see them going to the Final Four."

Yale basketball actually outrates UConn in some measures, such as RPI, though the Bulldogs are strangers to postseason play.

Not strangers, of course, are UConn's defending women's basketball national champions, so at least one fan has twin titles in mind.

"I think they'll both win," said Sandra Ouellette. "It'll be another big year for UConn."

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