UConn Investigates Complaints of Racist Social Media Posts from Incoming, Current Students

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UConn is looking into reports of racist social media posts from incoming and current students and said the school can and will rescind admission if warranted.

“We are aware of the social media posts being circulated and are taking each of them very seriously,” UConn President Tom Katsouleas posted on Twitter Monday. “UConn is committed to racial justice and respect for all, and is reviewing the posts to assess potential action.”

A University of Connecticut spokesperson said Katsouleas’ Tweet is in reference to reports the school has "received recently of social media postings from at least one incoming student and at least one current student that appear to share disturbing and racist sentiments.”

Katsouleas wrote that the university has also received calls to revoke the admission of incoming students at the center of the complaints.

He said the school is looking to speak directly with the students and they won’t be allowed to enroll until that happens.

The school can rescind admission and will if necessary, to uphold its expectations and values, Katsouleas added.

The complaints come as people across the state and nation join each other to call for racial justice after the death of George Floyd last month.

Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was handcuffed when a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Video of Floyd’s death led to outrage and rallies, marches, demonstrations and protests calling for action.   

Katsouleas said the university is evaluating complaints about posts from current students as well and is committed to “addressing racial injustice and to doing everything in its power to ensure racial justice and equity.”

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