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UConn to Allow Guests in Residence Halls, Outdoor Performances

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UConn is going to be allowing guests in residence halls and permitting utdoor activities, including vocal and dance performances, according to a letter the dean of students sent to students.

Since campuses reopened after shutting down last year due to the ongoing  coronavirus pandemic, restrictions have been in place.

“As you can see, we continue to maintain a lower positivity rate, but there has been some concerning testing this week.  Given our overall good health and the advice of my colleagues, I am choosing to transition our residential status to BLUE.  This is a cautionary victory that reflects the success of our continued care for another and reducing exposure and spread of COVID-19.  Please remember our status is reviewed weekly and can change at any time,” Eleanor JB Daugherty, the associate vice president of student affairs and dean of students, wrote to students.

As of today, guests will be permitted one guest in the residence halls, but the guest cannot stay past 11:59 p.m. and “movement activities” will be allowed outside, such as vocal performance and dance performance.  

Daugherty wrote that there will be additional capacity changes for the blue designation for indoor and outdoor events that will go into effect on March 19 and April 2. 

She warmed that the school might  still need to limit some event capacities based on room limitations when applying six-foot physical distancing.

She said Residential Life has already announced plans to support students returning in the fall with roommate selection.  “As we enjoy these signs of our success, let us also never lose sight of the disruption and concern this virus has caused.  COVID-19 will, I hope, continue to fade as vaccination rates continue to rise and prevention efforts maintain good health.  We should, however, never forget the cost of COVID-19 and the care we will always have for one another,” Daugherty wrote.

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