Vandalism at State Historic Site

Racial graffiti spray painted on sign at Barkhamsted historic site.

A state historic site in Barkhamsted that recently received an face lift fell victim to vandals.

Someone spray painted the n-word as well as a male body part on the entrance sign to the Barkhamsted Lighthouse site. A rock was also defaced with the words expletive Obama. An anarchy symbol was also drawn.

Central Connecticut State University archaeologist Dr. Ken Feder, snapped photos of the vandalism.

"In truth, I was really angry," Dr. Feder said.

The professor has conducted many digs at the site and has studied extensively about the people who once lived there.

Dr. Feder says the site is one of the first communities where mixed races lived together.

"These are just this interesting mixture of Native Americans, Euro-Americans, African Americans," he said. "It's really fascinating."

It's still unclear who may have done this and why.

The state owns the land.

A forest ranger started to clean up the paint Tuesday morning, but some of it still remains.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is looking in to the vandalism.

"There are a lot of people who are very upset and angry about this and they're going to do all they can to find out who did this," Dr. Feder said.


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