Vandalism Wiped Away Hartford Playground

It’s a place for kids and turned into the target of vandals.  The playground equipment at Bushnell Park was covered in obscenities too graphic to show, but is now wiped clean.

Tuesday, NBC Connecticut first brought the tagging to the attention of the Parks Department, who's in charge of cleanup, and the Bushnell Park Foundation.  The foundation is a non-profit group dedicated to preserving and protecting park playground.

4 and 5 letter words were written on the playground’s tic-tac-toe board in black marker and stood in plain view of young children.

Wednesday, the foundation notified NBC Connecticut that the profane graffiti had been removed.   We're told the foundation teamed up with Riverfront Recapture to make the cleanup happen. 

The Bushnell Park Foundation has scheduled a volunteer cleanup day on Saturday, September 26th.

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