Veteran Norwalk Officer Suspended for 5 Days

A veteran Connecticut police officer who authorities say fled the scene of a drunken driving crash has been suspended for five days.

The Hour of Norwalk reports that Norwalk Officer Hector Delgado agreed to not appeal the suspension.

Chief Thomas Kulhawik says the punishment was appropriate given how Delgado "has handled things following the incident."

This is the fourth time Delgado has been suspended. He's also known for his community involvement.

State police say Delgado was on Interstate 95 in Fairfield on Aug. 8 when he struck a truck and then drove away.

The 26-year veteran faces driving under the influence and other charges.

He has applied for a pretrial probation program, which if completed successfully, would lead to dismissal of the charges.

Delgado previously said he "used poor judgment."

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