Volcanic Ash Detours Finland Trip to Farmington


Johanna Albiez was driving to JFK airport when she learned that volcanic ash in Iceland had stalled air traffic in Europe.

Her plan to get home to Finland be closer to her husband was suddenly put on hold.

Now, she is staying in Farmington, waiting for air traffic to resume and has no idea when she'll finally be able to get home.

For the past four years, Johanna lived in North Carolina but her husband recently relocated to Skhalin, and island in Russia, for work. She decided she would move back to Finland to be closer to him. Her friend Emmi flew in from Finland to help her move

Then the volcano erupted.

Luckily, Johanna has friends in Farmington, so she and Emmi are staying with Cathy Durrett.

“I have four boys and another young man that lives with us from Hartford, so I have five sons, three the same age, two older, and now Y have two young girls and I love it,” Durrett said.

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