Volunteers Come Together to Help Veteran's Widow

When the widow of a World War II veteran was no longer able to keep up with work around the house, her lawn began to stand out in the otherwise well-kept neighborhood in North Haven, so volunteers decided to help.

The group came together on Veterans Day to rake leaves for those who have served our country, or the loved ones they left behind.

One resident in particular stood out to Angelo Appi, an active volunteer in the North Haven community.

"She reminded (me) of my grandmother and my mother and I decided that I wanted to go the extra mile beyond just the leaves to help her out," Appi said.

The community has vowed to continue helping the elderly widow.

From raking leaves and cutting the grass to plowing snow throughout the winter and laying fertilizer in the spring. All of the assistance will be free of charge.

"She's very very thankful for everybody coming to help her" said Appi.

And as a thank you to the volunteers, the resident baked individual cookie bags for all of those who helped her clean her lawn.

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