Volunteers Give Back During Feed the Children Event

Frito Lay

It looked like another traffic jam getting into the Xfinity Theatre parking lot in Hartford Wednesday morning, but the performers were volunteers, distributing to each vehicle $300 worth of food and hygiene products. 

"Giving to the community to try to help everybody - that's excellent. That's the best thing we can do," Alfred Herger, normally a foreclosure preventer at Community Renewal Team, said. 

Community Renewal Team, or CRT, invited 800 families in Hartford, the poorest city in the state if not the country, to benefit from Feed the Children. 

"It's gonna help feed them and give them energy so they can continue running around the house. And going to school, definitely," Tanya Colon said. 

Frito Lay, which has a factory in Dayville and a warehouse in Hartford, has been part of Feed the Children in Hartford for seven years. 

"About 100 volunteers from all divisions of PepsiCo, we have about 25 from PriceRite as well which is our retailer partner," Shaun Stack. of Frito Lay, said. "And this is just a great event for everyone to give back to the community. We love partnering with Hartford and spending time with our neighbors." 

He said they use their experience with logistics - handling and shipping - to get the goods sorted and loaded. 

"I think it's a wonderful thing," said another recipient, Jonathan Wilson. "Help a lot of people, lot of people get happy, make a lot of people's day."

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