LeAnne Gendreau

Vote on Windsor Locks Grading System Angers Parents

Students go back to class in Windsor Locks in days and parents are not happy about the plans to revamp the grading on report cards. 

On Thursday, Windsor Locks’ board of education decided to revise the current practices and students will now receive a number score, a corresponding letter and a quarterly update on their progress. 

“So that students knew where they were in relation to the work they were currently working on and in relation to how they were performing overall on their end of year successful completion of mastery for their course,” Sharon Cournoyer, the interim superintendent, said. 

Many students, parents and community members who attended the meeting were frustrated because they hoped the board of education would ditch the controversial reporting system and move toward a more traditional option. 

“I’m disappointed. I mean I’ve pretty much lost hope already,” Joanne Breton, the mother of an 8th grader in Windsor Locks school, said. “All my daughter cares about is she gets a grade because it’s been a frustrating few years.” 

Mastery-based learning has been a hot topic since it was implemented in 2013. It requires students to achieve a certain level of understanding of a subject and, until now, moved away from the usual letter grades. 

Caden Mackey, an eighth-grade student, is not a fan of the update to the system and thinks there is a better way. 

“It’s going to be difficult change since a lot of people I go to school with understand the zero to 100 scale as their parents have taught them it,” said Mackey. 

The board’s action Thursday came after hundreds of people signed a petition demanding change, but not everyone is happy with the steps that were eventually taken. 

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