Voter Registration Up in Connecticut

Voter registration has been very active in Connecticut since the start of the presidential primary season.

According to figures provided by the Secretary of the State, 87,000 people have registered to vote in Connecticut January.

The most glaring reason why has to do with Connecticut's presidential primary having significance this cycle, despite being so late on the calendar.

Many voters are unaffiliated like Mikel Everett, of Higganum, who is voting for the first time.

She said she plans on switching her registration from unaffiliated to Republican.

“I’m definitely excited that I have a voice now, but it’s a big decision and I’m not exactly sure that I’m happy with any of the choices,” she said.

Carol Ravagnani said she's not sure there's been a lot of publicity locally, even though she's followed other states' primary and caucus results.

“There’s been a lot of talk about the election but I’m not so sure it’s been publicized that much in Connecticut. You know the primary is coming up and you’re beginning to see more ads on tv but not a whole lot,” Ravagnani said.

Ravagnani remains an undecided voters, but said she and her husband are typically reliable votes for the most popular party in Connecticut based on registration.

“We’re both registered Democrats so we’ll probably be supporting one of the Democratic candidates but I haven’t, you know, figured it out,” Ravagnani said.

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