Water Overtakes Dam Flooding Neighborhoods

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for residents of Southeastern Connecticut after a dam at Sylvia’s Pond overflowed.  It’s just the latest water woe for that part of the state.

Visitors at the Mystic Aquarium Wednesday will tell you, they saw a lot more water outside, than inside.

“There was water up over my front bumper.  It was scary,” said Ann Celico of Westerly.

Celico was just one of dozens who found their car totaled by Mother Nature.  Tow truck companies filled the Aquarium parking lot loading up waterlogged cars one by one.

“They are useless now.  They’ll make good soda cans at this point,” said Tom Zeimat of a New London based towing company.

Across town it wasn’t water woes, but tree troubles that had some residents unhappy.  A 100-year-old Maple came crashing down on Beach Rd, just feet away from the house it shaded for years.

“We were all in the living room and the wind kicked up.  Next thing we knew we heard a thump and the tree was in the front yard!  Thankfully no one was hurt.  It’s a miracle,” said Mike Derrickson of Pawcatuck.

Police and fire stayed busy knocking on homeowner’s doors in “Bird Land.”  Residents were evacuated after water spilled over a dam and into the roads and bridges in that area.  The Aquarion Water Company opened a dam for part of the evening in order to give the water somewhere to go.  Police say they expect it will be at least a day before the water recedes to normal levels. 

The American Red Cross has opened a shelter at Stonington High School for anyone needing a place to stay.

Keep up on the forecast. Watch the weather map.

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