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Watertown Rep. Tests Positive For COVID-19

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He’s the third member of the House of Representatives who has tested positive for COVID-19 and it’s a reminder that no one is immune from this virus. 

“A friend of mine works for the city of Waterbury and we had come into contact with one other out at a restaurant and again I did what I was supposed to do and I immediately went into quarantine,” Rep. Joe Polletta (R-Watertown) said. 

Polletta doesn’t believe he was contagious last Wednesday when the House was in session, but when he was in Hartford he did go into the House chamber and the Republican caucus room. Republican leaders let their members know about the positive test this morning. 

Polletta found out on Sunday his friend tested positive and got tested on Monday. This Wednesday he learned he tested positive. 

He remained in quarantine from the moment he found out his friend tested positive.

“Thank God I stayed home and I did not go because I would have exposed a large number of family and friends. I’m very grateful that I stayed in and I followed the rules,” Polletta said.

Polletta is the third member of the House to get COVID-19. Rep. Jane Garibay of Windsor and Rep. Larry Butler of Waterbury have also had the virus. 

“It would have been very easy for someone like me to go out in public and carry on my duties and say, ‘Hey I don’t feel anything, I’m probably fine. That’s the scary part about this virus. It’s in my body but I don’t feel it,” Polletta said.

Polletta is asymptomatic at the moment.

“I’ve been using this oxygen reader, which helps me determine my oxygen level, which is continually above 98, which is great,” Polletta said.

Polletta said he has lost his sense of smell. 

“That is the only symptom that I can truthfully say I’m experiencing at this point, so I’m hoping that comes back soon,” Polletta said.

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