“We're Lucky to Be Alive”

A Prospect father and his teenage son escaped with their lives after a huge tree nearly crushed them on Wednesday.

The tree, encased in ice after the storm, fell as Keith Conway and his 19-year-old son, Dylan, had just finished scraping ice off their pickup truck.

"We both ran and the tree just hit both of us with a glancing blow,"  said the elder Conway.

The trunk of the enormous tree caught the pickup truck and kept it from crushing the two men.  The tree damaged two other additional cars but both men got away with only minor cuts and bruises.

"I have a couple lacerations on my face and my eye, busted my glasses up. It hit me in the back of the neck and slammed me to the ground," said Conway.

Conway says his son saw the big tree falling and screamed at his father to move away.

"Yeah, as soon as he screamed 'run', I knew the tree was coming down, there was such panic in his voice.  We're just lucky to be alive," said Conway.

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