WATCH: Truck Slams Into Bridge in Westwood, Massachusetts

This video definitely falls in the cringe-worthy category.

Police in Westwood, Massachusetts, released this clip of a truck striking a bridge on East St. on Thursday.

And, this isn't the first time a truck has hit that bridge. One neighbor said locally, it is called the "can opener bridge" because it shaves off the tops of trucks.

Neighbors say they hear sound the sound of a truck hitting the bridge all the time. In fact, this is the second time it's happened this month. Earlier in August, Westwood Police tweeted out a photo of a truck that struck the bridge, and last September, video showed a truck approaching the bridge. The truck slowed down, but did not clear the bridge, peeling the roof back.

And, in July of last year, a truck hit the bridge, sending seafood spilling onto the roadway

The frustration has built up in some Westwood residents, with some suggesting the installation of chains to notify drivers of a low clearance - or anything that would stop these accidents.

The bridge stands at 10'6".

No injuries were reported in Friday's incident.

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