Wilson-Foley Announces Candidacy for Lt. Governor


It seems every day another candidate announces that he or she is running for statewide office. 

Now, there is a new candidate to be Connecticut's next lieutenant governor.  Businesswoman and Simbsury resident Lisa Wilson-Foley is throwing her hat in the ring to be the next governor's right hand woman.

"It is time for me to step forward and help get Connecticut back to work. With unemployment in our state at 9.1 percent and rising, I will use my expertise and creative mindset as a business owner to expand our job market and get our economy moving again." Wilson-Foley, a Republican, said.

She is the owner of 10 small businesses over the last two decades, five of them in the health care fields.  She and her husband have also been involved in the business of sports. They currently own Blue Fox Run Golf Course in Avon, Fox Run at Copper Hill in East Granby and the Blue Fox Rock 'n Bowl in Simsbury. They also owned and operated the now-defunct Hartford FoxForce of World Team Tennis.

Wilson-Foley, will not be taking public campaign financing but is looking to gather 8,000 signatures from registered Republicans by June 4 to guarantee a spot in the August primary.

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