Wolcott Homeowner Shoots Bear That Was Attacking His Goat

A Wolcott homeowner shot a bear that was attacking his goats early Friday morning, according to Wolcott police.

Catering Road homeowner Brian Andrews called police just after 1 a.m. to report that he fired his gun at a bear.

The man's wife woke him up after hearing a commotion coming from the couple's goat pen. Andrews ran outside and saw a bear attacking his goats.

"I got gun came outside could see the bear kinda had the goat pinned down the goat was squealing or screaming. I actually shot into the ground, hoping to scare it away. When it heard that bear got up, bit the back of the goat, picked it up in its mouth and carried across the pen," Andrews said.

Andrews told NBC Connecticut he didn't feel he had any other choice but to shoot at the bear.

"It was literally on top of the animal. Wasn’t many options. Maybe if I'd got out earlier wouldn’t be that bad but you do best you can," Andrews said.

The bear was found dead a few hours later, according to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Andrews said the goat, who is named Karl, survived the attack, but suffered deep wounds and was rushed to the emergency vet. A goat sustained an injury but survived the attack.

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