Wolcott Woman Says Casino Dealt Her A Bad Hand After Fall

Hayley Horzepa reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds for help managing health expenses she said were necessary after a fall at Mohegan Sun landed her in the hospital.

Horzepa wanted her birthday celebration at a local casino to be memorable. It was, but not in the way she had hoped.

“It’s been a really stressful situation,” said Horzepa.

In September, Horzepa said she walked out to the Cabana area at the Mohegan Sun Casino to sit outside and enjoy a warm night. On her way back inside the casino, Horzepa said she hit the ground, injuring her wrist and knee.

“I didn’t even know like why I fell? I’m thinking like what am I like clumsy? Did my shoe break? Like what’s going on?” Horzepa said.

Horzepa provided photos of a tile that she believes was the reason for her fall. She said she was bleeding and disoriented, but insisted she wasn’t intoxicated and said she reported the incident to a manager. The casino says their surveillance video contradicts her claim that it was that tile that caused her fall.

”I’m thinking like an elderly person could end up with a broken bone or something…you know,” said Horzepa.

Horzepa was transported to the hospital after omplaining of back pain.

”The last thing I wanted to do was to spend the night at the ER,” said Horzepa.

In October, Horzepa said Mohegan Sun covered her trip to and from the hospital. But she still had a $587.99 emergency room bill for treatment related to lacerations to her wrist and knee.

When she contacted Risk Management for Mohegan Sun, Horzepa told us an employee revealed that her claim was denied.

“Their response to this was absolutely appalling,” said Horzepa.

Hayley says she’s been going back and forth with Mohegan Sun Risk Management and has had no luck getting a resolution. So, she turned to NBC Connecticut Responds.

The President & General Manager of Mohegan Sun, Ray Pineault tells Responds:

“Mohegan Sun was in communication with this guest, and take all matters related to guest safety very seriously. Upon review of this particular matter, there were material discrepancies based on video review. The video footage showed the fall occurring at a different area than what was reported to security by the guest.”

Horzepa disagreed with that claim and asked to review the video to show staff where she fell on the property. But she said Mohegan Sun declined her request.

Still, Mohegan Sun told us: “We made restitution out of good will as our goal is always to provide as best guest satisfaction as possible.”

Mohegan Sun confirmed that the casino reimbursed Horzepa’s $587.99 emergency room bill and that made her feel a whole lot better.

”There are good people out there like you Sandra,” said Horzepa. “It was like an amazing experience that you called me back.”

Including Horzepa’s case, NBC Connecticut Responds has recovered more than $350,000 for our viewers.

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