Wolcott Woman Wants Her Message Over Hearing Aid Heard Loud And Clear

A Wolcott woman reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds when after dozens of appointments she discovered her hearing aid wasn’t providing the miracle she'd hoped for when she bought it.

At 80 years old, Helen Jurzyk pays close attention to her health. She recently suffered hearing loss in both ears in October of 2016.

“I was saying what, what, and I couldn’t hear on the phone and stuff,” said Helen Jurzyk.

Jurzyk said she got her hearing tested by a hearing aid specialist who suggested that she invest in a hearing aid. She was tested and decided to go with Miracle Ear’s top of the line device for one of her ears at a cost of $3,495. The hearing aid had a three-year warranty. But Jurzyk told NBC Connecticut Responds she had problems with the device during the 30 day trial period.

“I thought it would work,” said Jurzyk.

But it didn’t, according to Jurzyk. Between October 2016 and August 2017, she said the hearing aid specialist adjusted the volume numerous times with no remedy to the problem. Jurzyk explained that after the seventh appointment to Miracle Ear, she began documenting her visits.

“I said this is just ridiculous, 26 appointments and nothing’s happening. So, I said what is my alternative and she says there’s nothing else we can do about it,” added Jurzyk.

She claimed the specialist told her to keep working with the hearing aid and told Jurzyk she would not get a refund.

“We thought we were going to get the best. But it didn’t work out,” said Jurzyk.

Jurzyk said she sent a certified letter to Miracle Ear’s corporate office and someone signed for it. But she told us that the company didn’t contact her. That’s when Helen turned to NBC Connecticut Responds.

In response to our inquiry, Jason Frasier with Miracle Ear provided this statement to Responds:

“I write this email with a heavy heart knowing that Helen is one patient, even with all our efforts we were not able to improve the quality of her life. It is our as well as Miracle-Ear’s goal to each and every day to make a positive difference in everyone’s life that enters into our offices. It’s giving the gift of sound that makes Miracle-Ear who we are.

Helen visited us twenty-six times, in which these ‘aftercare’ services are free with every purchase and never charged one penny in these attempts to satisfy her hearing. Our Hearing Instrument Specialist listened to Helen, worked diligently each and every visit making adjustments with the hope that Helen would walk out feeling like her problem(s) were resolved. I will inform you there were other circumstances involved that affected the outcome of Helen’s disapproval which at this time I’m not able to disclose because of the HIPPA regulations but nonetheless it was unfortunate Helen was never satisfied. That left us no other option but to act in good faith and refund Helen 100% of her money and wish her the best of luck in finding a solution to her hearing.

Yes, it is emotional of both parties involved because we take it very personal in being able to improve the quality of life of those we touch.”

And with that $3,495 refund, Helen Jurzyk felt like Miracle Ear has finally heard her. Jurzyk’s message to others about NBC Connecticut Responds?

“When they say they Respond, they respond,” said Jurzyk. “I would recommend them highly to anybody that has a problem.”

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