Woodbury Ski Area Will Refund Season Pass Holders

Connecticut has one less slope this winter. The Woodbury Ski Area never opened, leaving its customers, including season pass holders, wondering about the resort's future.

Kim Wakuluk bought season tickets to Woodbury Ski Area for her son Chase.

“It was convenient and something he would do Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but they took that away,” Wakuluk said.

Her biggest concern was the $251 she spent on the pass her son can't use. Wakuluk said she called and messaged the park's management several times starting in mid-December to try and get her money back. Every time, she said they promised her refund was on its way. But weeks went by with no sign of the check.

“It's just kind of frustrating. Just have the courtesy to let me know where I am in the process,” she said.

Wakuluk contacted NBC Connecticut Responds in early February.

A representative for Woodbury Ski Area assured us season pass refunds were in process. He didn’t have an additional comment.

A few days after we inquired about Wakuluk’s refund, her $251 check arrived in the mail. It was postmarked a week earlier. It turns out Woodbury had sent it to an old address.

Another customer received their refund after NBC Connecticut Responds got involved, so it does appear that checks were sent out at different times.

Customers who have not yet received their refunds should be on the lookout for a check in the mail. 

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