Work Underway on Waterbury Regional Food Hub

More jobs and fresh produce will be coming to Waterbury’s south end as plans move forward to renovate a brownfield site on Mill Street.

Brass City Harvest, an agricultural non-profit organization, will be overseeing the construction of the Waterbury Regional Food Hub.

The facility will sit on a 4-and-a-half-acre site with three commercial greenhouses, where food will be grown, stored, processed, packaged and sold in a year-round farmers market. Some of the food will also be donated to area food charities that serve low-income families.

The food hub will also employ an additional 24 people.

“I’m still walking on clouds, I really am. We are all in disbelief and now the work really has to begin very quickly. This is where the rubber meets the road and we’re prepared,” Susan Pronovost, the executive director for Brass City Harvest, said.

Brass City Harvest was able to move forward with the plans after the state bond commission approved a $1.7 million bond to begin Phase I of the project.

“What this bond has done is it allows us to leverage grant funding. We needed this as a foundation so we can go to different sources in the federal government and private philanthropic donors,” Pronovost said.

Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary said this project is a win for the community and residents in Waterbury’s south end.

“This section particularly has been long under-served and it’s about time we do something here,” Mayor O’Leary said.

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