Yale Commencement Means Busy Weekend in New Haven

Graduation season is upon us.

Yale students are gearing up to do just that, which means a busy weekend in New Haven.

Lots of proud parents and other loved ones are packing into New Haven. Rain or shine , Yale’s commencement will be outside Monday so they can host the more than 15,000

“At commencement I will have 13 people here, not including myself,” explained graduating Yale student Sonny Stephens.

Supporters are flying in from Texas.

“I’m really excited to show them what Yale and New haven is all about,” he said.

Businesses and city officials bracing for the extra guests in town.

“We’re going to have a few extra police working with the Yale police so that will be a bit of a cost but we’ll make it back through the way in which people enjoy our city,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

While the city doesn’t keep specific statistics, they know this weekend packs an economic punch.

Hotels are booked, restaurants reserved.

While it’s Te Amo Tequilla’s first commencement weekend, they say Yale students and staff always keep them busy.

“They’re a major part of our business and a part of this city of new haven,” said Karen Bertini, a hostess.

As for parking - good luck finding it.

“Yale graduation is...It’s unbelievably crowded. You can’t. You’re not be able to get a parking spot,” warned Seymour resident Joan Thomas.

Despite the chaos, this Connecticut resident would risk the crowds to witness commencement.

“I would come back. you know it’s like the excitement,” she said.

The city’s director of transportation is reminding locals to be patient and drive slow with so many strangers making their way around the city…

There will be road closures near bigger venues on Sunday and Monday. He said parking garages will be the best option.

Albertus Magnus commencement is also this weekend, on Sunday. They expect around 5,000.

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