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Abandoned Puppy Turns Out to Be a Coyote



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    San Diego Humane Society
    A baby coyote pup found in San Diego County. Photo: San Diego Humane Society

    A man found an adorable newborn puppy in a Southern California canyon. But that pooch was no puppy -- it was a coyote.

    The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Monday that San Diego Humane Society officers received a call from the Tierrasanta resident who found the abandoned newborn while walking his dog in a nearby canyon.

    The man scooped it up, took it back to his house and summoned the officers.

    Upon examination, the officers discovered that the newborn animal was a coyote.

    The Humane Society delivered the animal to Project Wildlife for care before transfer to a Ramona animal sanctuary, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, which rehabilitates and releases native wildlife.

    If all goes well, the coyote will be released in the same general area when it is old enough.