“Bed Intruder” Star Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.... hide ya stash!

Unfortunately for Antoine Dodson, rocketing to sudden internet fame means that when you get arrested for marijuana possession, people are going to hear about it. Dodson was arrested early Saturday morning in Huntsville, Alab. and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession as well as speeding and skipping a court date for another traffic violation. Huffington Post reported that he was released after a brief detention.

Dodson, 24, appeared on a local Alabama news report last year ranting about an intruder who tried to rape his sister. The news clip was turned into a song, launching a meme that spawned talk show interviews and millions of iTunes downloads.

"He's climbing in your windows. He's snatching your people up," Dodson memorably warned his community.

The internet sensation is slated to star in "The Chronicles of Rick Rolll," a comedy with other YouTube stars. To date, the original "Bed Intruder" video has been viewed nearly 80 million times. 

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