Take a Look “Behind the ‘Blacklist'”

Can't wait for "The Blacklist" to return February 1 following NBC's broadcast of the 2015 Super Bowl?

Impatient fans of Raymond "Red" Reddington get a glimpse "Behind the 'Blacklist'" in this 22-minute special hosted by series star Amir Arison and featuring interviews with cast and crew, behind-the-scenes footage and an exclusive look at what lies ahead in the remainder of season 2. Check it out, above.

Following the Super Bowl Sunday broadcast, "The Blacklist" returns with a special two-part episode titled "Luther Braxton." The first installment airs after the big game, with the concluding part airing at 9 p.m. Thursday, February 5, which marks the debut of "The Blacklist" in its new timeslot.

The series stars James Spader as Reddington, the FBI’s fourth most-wanted criminal who turns himself in at the beginning of season one, insisting he will only speak with rookie criminal profiler Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone. Keen has no idea why Reddington has an interest in her but together, with the aid of a special FBI task force, the duo set out to take down Red's "blacklist" of international criminals.

When we left "The Blacklist" in November following the midseason finale (warning: SPOILERS AHEAD), we learned how Keen secretly saved her husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) after he was shot in season one, and interrogated him for information about the criminal Berlin, who was responsible for Reddington's initial surrender to the FBI. Berlin now knows his daughter Zoe (Scottie Thompson) is alive and that a man named the Decembrist had helped her flee to America to hide from her father.

Reddington revealed to Keen, much to her displeasure, that he was now working with Berlin, and then enlisted her and the FBI's help in tracking down the Decembrist, who is actually Assistant Director of National Intelligence Alan Fitch (Alan Alada). Berlin kidnapped Fitch and went underground. 

Keen tells Reddington about the still-captive Tom, who would only give up the info he had on Berlin's whereabouts if Keen set him free. Keen agreed only to discover Fitch (with a bomb attached to his neck) at the location Tom revealed.

As the FBI raced to try and dismantle the bomb, Berlin goes to meet his daughter, only the meeting is crashed by Reddington who demands information on how to stop the bomb from going off.

Reddington returns to Fitch to explain there is no way to deactivate the bomb. According to Fitch, after his death people would no longer be afraid to come after Reddington. And Fitch wanted assurance that Reddington still had "the fulcrum" (whatever that may be). Fitch also gave Reddington the combination to a safe, but the bomb exploded before he could impart the safe's exact location. 

Reddington then re-connects with Berllin and shoots him dead.

In the last scene of the midseason finale, we see the now free Tom meeting with Reddington who gives the fugitive something before making Tom promise never to see Keen again.  

The remainder of season two will introduce actor Ron Perlman as new villain Luther Braxton, a criminal Reddington encounters at a secret detention facility after he is arrested.    

As loyal fans of the drama indulge with the "Behind the 'Blacklist" special, newcomers to the series can catch up on past episodes via Hulu and Netflix.

"The Blacklist" returns to NBC on Sunday, February 1 following the Super Bowl and continues in its new timeslot Thursday, February 5 at 9 p.m.

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