Conan Re-Enacts Marathon Mom's Delivery

A local woman gave birth hours after finishing the Chicago Marathon. Conan took it from there

The story of Amber Miller giving birth hours after finishing Sunday's Chicago Marathon landed on "Conan" Tuesday night.

Host Conan O'Brien told his audience about how Miller, at 39 weeks pregnant, crossed the finish line and began feeling contractions. Her baby girl, June, was born at 10:29 p.m.

Since there was no footage of the feat, O'Brien said, he decided to depict the tale his own way ... with peanuts.

"I thought we would re-enact the marathon mom's amazing story with the help of our Conan Peanut Players."

And so he did. Keep an eye on the "pregnant" peanut and her "baby" nut.

Miller on Monday told reporters she didn't feel tired from the marathon. "What you would expect after giving birth," she said.

Miller's doctor had given her permission to run half of the marathon, she said. She walked the other half, all while her husband kept pace for support.

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