“Hangover 2” Trailer Yanked From Theaters

To quote Ed Helms' Dr Stu: "WHAT IS GOING ON?"

Warner Bros. has sent a letter out to movie theaters demanding that they not only pull all copies of the just-released "Hangover 2" trailer, but that those prints "need to be destroyed."

Why? Because the MPAA - the organization responsible for rating movies - ordered WB to yank the comedy teaser. That is also unusual because, well, the MPAA originally approved it (hence the big green "all audiences" banner that runs before the trailer). So why the sudden turnaround? 

Neither the MPAA nor Warner Bros. are offering up much by way of explanation. Some, like Cinematical, believe that the MPAA received complaints that jokes from an R-rated comedy were being shown to audiences who paid for a PG-13 screening of "Source Code."

So to recap: Nuking all of Chicago? Family friendly. A monkey nibbling on a water bottle that kinda, sorta, looks like a penis? SHUT IT DOWN!

We eagerly await a recut trailer that consists entirely of Bradley Cooper walking in slow motion.

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