Video: Jay-Z Takes Subway in New Documentary, Meets Woman Who Doesn't Know Who He Is

Hip-hop king likes hanging with the common folk, as footage from his new online documentary reveals when he talks to a woman on the train.

Jay-Z is just a man of the people.

And as if to prove it, H.O.V.A. hung out and chatted with an older lady named Ellen who has no clue who he was as he rode the subway to his final gig at Brooklyn's Barclays Center back in October.

The funny and touching exchange is part of a brief clip from "Life + Times"--a 24-minute documentary chronicling his role in the building of the arena-- that popped up online Tuesday.

Jay-Z takes the subway to Brooklyn gig

During their conversation on the R train, Ellen asks Jay-Z if he's famous, to which he humbly replies: "Yes, not very famous, you don't know me...but I'll get there someday."

The rapper then introduces himself, and Ellen asks him what he does.

"I make music," he answers before explaining he's on his way to the final concert in his eight-night gig celebrating Barclays' opening.

If Jay was looking for some motherly approval, he definitely got it.

"I'm proud of you," Ellen said.

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