Jesse James Is Relocating To Texas

Looks like Jesse James will be making a brand new-start in another part of town.

The ex-husband of Sandra Bullock is moving to Austin, Texas by month’s end, James’ attorney John Schilling told People magazine Friday. The announcement came after an Orange County, Calif. court hearing involving James and ex-wife Janine Lindemulder over the custody of their daughter Sunny.

"He intends to move at the end of the month, he's got a need to be there," said Schilling, who also said that the move was for business reasons. He wouldn’t comment on whether James was moving to be near Bullock, who also has a home in Austin.

At the court, Schilling sought to block Lindemulder’s unmonitored visitation with Sunny and alleged that Lindemulder was abusing prescription medication. Sunny’s court-appointed lawyer said she made a visit to Lindemulder’s home and found nothing to confirm Schilling’s allegation. The judge rejected Schilling’s request to stop Lindemulder’s visits.

Lindemulder, who refuted the claim that she is using drugs, argued that her former husband’s relocation would remove Sunny away from her, as she resides in Costa Mesa, Calif. Schilling said that they are trying to work something out.

“I'm willing to relocate anywhere to be with my daughter no matter what it takes," Lindemulder said to People. "Sunny's my heart, I'm not just going to let her go. I want Sunny to be around the people she loves, which includes Jesse, Sandra, her baby brother Louis and her other siblings."

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