Lawyers Say Border Agents Keep Writing False Addresses on Migrant Papers

Lawyers for migrants are filing a Supreme Court brief saying El Paso border agents are undermining asylum cases by using false addresses on migrant papers

John Moore/Getty Images

Lawyers representing migrants seeking asylum at the border say U.S. border agents are systematically writing the same wrong address on the migrants' papers, leaving hundreds with no way to receive communications from the U.S. government about their cases, and undermining their ability to win asylum in the U.S, NBC News reports.

Eighteen examples of migrants whose forms note their address as Casa del Migrante, a shelter in Ciudad Juarez they have never visited, are included in an amicus brief the lawyers plan to file to the Supreme Court next week, NBC News has learned. One lawyer told NBC News he knew of hundreds of migrants who had that address on their papers, and few had ever been to the shelter.

The brief will urge the justices to consider the legality of the Trump administration policy known as "Remain in Mexico" that has left over 60,000 Central Americans in dangerous conditions as they wait in Mexico for what could become years for entrance to the U.S.

"Consistent with these international law obligations, federal law recognizes that, at a minimum, asylum seekers must be notified of the charges against them and have rights to a fair hearing," said the brief, to be filed by the Justice Action Center and the University of California's International Human Rights Law Clinic.

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