Madonna's Sign-Wielding Fan Convicted of Resisting Arrest

Alleged stalker who wanted to win singer's heart but ended up in the slammer is convicted of putting up a fight when New York's Finest tried to take him into custody.

It looks like this guy is learning how not to express himself.

A retired New York City firefighter was found guilty last Friday of resisting arrest after allegedly being caught spray-painting love notes to Madonna outside her Manhattan apartment in 2010, E! News has confirmed.

Robert Linhart now faces up to a year in jail after failing to obey police attempts to take him into custody on Sept. 21, 2010.

Madonna's alleged stalker trial-bound for second time

Among the messages the needy fan wrote to the Material Mom on cardboard signs affixed to his SUV were "I Need You" and "If it's yes, my dream will come true. If it's no, I will go. XXX."

After the trial was over, jurors told the New York Post that while the first responder had the right to make his signs under the First Amendment and blast obnoxious music from the curb of Madonna's Central Park West building, there was no excuse for causing a commotion by flailing his arms and refusing officers when they tried to cuff him.

Linhart was acquitted on a separate charge of resisting arrest dating from a bust three days prior.

The Queen of Pop's publicist and her defense attorney, Lawrence LaBrew, were unavailable for comment on the matter.

Madonna restrains sign-wielding fan

However the legal eagle told the paper that his client would appeal the conviction, noting that Linhart was prohibited by a judge from having a doctor testify that he had sustained a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder when police tried to collar him the first time.

That injury, said LaBrew, prompted Linhart to resist the second arrest attempt.

Upon leaving court, when asked whether he planned to attend Madonna's concerts at Madison Square Garden tonight and tomorrow, Linhart quipped, "If she invites me."

His next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 2.

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