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VP Mike Pence Files Trump's Paperwork for NH Primary, Speaks at ‘Politics & Eggs'

The vice president filed the necessary paperwork in Concord for President Donald Trump to appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot

Vice President Mike Pence filed paperwork Thursday for President Donald Trump to appear on the ballot in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary.

"It is such a privilege for me as vice president to come to New Hampshire today and place the name of Donald J. Trump back on the Republican primary ballot in this first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire," Pence said to reporters after submitting Trump's name.

Pence filed the necessary paperwork for reelection on behalf of the president in Concord. 

The vice president was greeted by supporters chanting, "four more years" inside the crowded office of the secretary of state.

"In the very real sense, under President Donald Trump’s leadership, we’ve made America great again," he said. "But to keep America great, New Hampshire, we need four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House."

Later, vice president spoke at a "Politics & Eggs" event Manchester, where he touted the Trump administration's record over the last three years, the promises Trump has kept since he began campaigning in New Hampshire and how much more the White House wants to do. 

Pence told an anecdote about two men with a message for Trump approaching him and his wife while they were on the beach on a vacation.

"You tell the president to keep doing what he's doing, 'cause I made twice as much money last year as the year before," Pence recalled one saying, before adding to the vice president, "and I dunno what you do but keep doing what you're doing, too."

Also on Thursday, Pence's special advisor for Europe and Russia, Jennifer Williams, was expected to testify on Capitol Hill in the House impeachment investigation.

Already, several Democratic presidential hopefuls have filed paperwork for their names to appear on the New Hampshire ballot as the party weeds down a crowded field. Trump currently faces no major challenger in his party to recapture the GOP nomination, though a handful of Republicans are aiming to get on state ballots.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will file his paperwork in person on Friday, along with his wife, his campaign said.

Trump's filing comes as the president faces an impeachment inquiry by the Democrat-majority House. An overwhelming majority of Democrats approved rules to move forward with investigating Trump for alleged abuse of power. He allegedly spoke with Ukraine’s newly elected president to investigate political rival Joe Biden.

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