Mike Wallace's Posh Apartment Asks $20M

The Park Avenue apartment that belonged to the late Mike Wallace, who passed away in April 2012, has just hit the market for a staggering $20 million, according to The New York Times. The "60 Minutes" journalist's 12-room, two-floor unit is grand to say the least. Soaring ceilings, a curved staircase, terraces on both levels, a 33-foot living room with a wood-burning fireplace, and a 20-foot gallery is just scratching the surface when it comes to deconstructing the late journalist's former lair. 

The Times points out that "the apartment has seen preservation take precedence over renovation" meaning that the only real modern features of the home come in the form of the 4.5 bathrooms and the installation of air conditioning, a must-have with the sweltering Manhattan summers. Despite the apartment's lack of contemporary features, it is still ornate nonetheless.

The two-level home (it's perched on the 15th and 16th floors) boasts four bedrooms (including a 21-foot master suite), 4.5 bathrooms, a library with vintage doors, eat-in kitchen, and views of Central Park.

And, if you have say, an extra $20 million to spare, the duplex that sits opposite of Wallace's is for sale as well. That unit was owned by Yugoslavia and served as a home for the country's diplomats. But after the country's dissolution the unit was vacated, though the Times notes that Serbia is still paying the steep $12,300 per month maintenance fees.

Now, interviewing the representatives from the countries who are squabbling over how much the sweet duplex should sell for would've been a good one for "60 Minutes."

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