Natalie Portman Admits to Stoner Past

Doing press for her new role in "Your Highness," Natalie Portman has opened up about her highness.

"I smoked weed in college, but I haven't smoked in years," Portman admits to Entertainment Weekly. 

“I’m too old. I wish I was that cool, but I’m like an old lady now. I’m in bed by 10 p.m. I can’t do that anymore.”

In "Your Highness," Portman plays a no-nonsense warrior who teams up with a noble prince and his stoner brother on a bizarre quest that involves perverted wizards, randy Minotaurs, and a petulant sorcerer.

A stoner comedy is an odd follow-up to an Oscar win, but there was no question Portman was all in after discussing the role with director David Gordon Green ("Pineapple Express").

“When I sat down with David, he was like, ‘The girl’s going to be funny here,’” said Portman. “To have him be able to think of me in that way was so lucky, because [the role] is a real departure from anything I’ve done on film.”

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