6-Year-Old Dead After Children Steal, Crash Mom's Car

Two small Phoenix children's ride in their mother's car in the middle of the night ended in tragedy, when a 6-year-old girl died in a crash with her 8-year-old brother at the wheel. One man who followed the car for about 15 minutes before the crash said the boy could barely see over the dashboard. "They were swerving into and out of traffic — into oncoming traffic — and, you know, the headlights weren't on, the windshield wipers were going crazy," he said. Other witnesses who saw the pajama-clad children driving around Phoenix after they had snuck out of bed said the boy appeared to know how to drive enough to stop at red lights and obey traffic laws. Police began following the car; the children's mother had frantically called 911 just after 10 p.m. to report that her children and the car had gone missing, believing they had been kidnapped. But just after police turned on their lights, the boy veered right and hit a roadside pole. He escaped with minor injuries, but his sister, who police said didn't seem to have a seatbelt on, died the next morning at a hospital from her injuries.

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