Pacific Castaway Back on Home Soil in El Salvador

The Pacific castaway who washed up in a battered boat in the Marshall Islands recently, saying he had been lost at sea for more than a year, has arrived back home in El Salvador. "We thought he was dead," a cousin of Jose Salvador Alvarenga told reporters camped out at the San Salvador airport. "We need to take care of him after all he suffered." Alvarenga, a shark fisherman, left his hometown of Garita Palmera 15 years ago to find work in Mexico and hadn't visited in eight years. In late 2012, he says he set out to sea with a fishing mate and was blown off course by a storm. His companion starved to death, but Alvarenga says he survived on raw fish and his own urine until his fishing boat washed up on a remote atoll in the Pacific almost two weeks ago.

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