Unpublished Beatles Photos Go On Display

Like a prize found at the end of a magical mystery tour, a set of never-before-seen Beatles photographs discovered in the proverbial attic by a documentary photographer are about to see the light of day.

38 black-and-white images of the Fab 4 were unearthed by Paul Berriff, who in 1963, was a 16-year-old editorial assistant for the Yorkshire Evening Post, reports the U.K. Daily Mail. He took the up close and personal shots of Paul, John, Ringo and George before they got big, giving them a certain innocence.

"When I took those pictures, the Beatles were at the bottom of the bill," Berriff said. "But I knew they were going to be successful because they had an aura, and months later they were world famous."

The photos are on display in Liverpool and show the band when they were touring in cities such as Leeds and Manchester. Several of the pictures show the band in relaxed moments - Ringo enjoying a glass of wine and a smoke or George snacking from a bag of popcorn.

Of finding the pictures, Berriff said that he was surprised by the number of Beatles pictures he turned up.

"I started to root around in the attic, because I knew I had taken some pictures of pop groups, but I thought there were only be about five or six of the Beatles," he said. "It was like finding hidden treasure."

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