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Sacha Baron Cohen Teases New Project Appearing to Target Trump

The clip ends with the logo for the now-defunct Trump University

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen released a video on Twitter Wednesday that appeared to hint at a possible new project targeting President Donald Trump.

The 37-second video titled "A Message from Donald J. Trump" is depicted as a Fourth of July message from the president. It begins with Trump criticizing the "Borat" star as a "third-rate character" while Cohen’s face creeps across the screen.

"I only wish that you would’ve been punched in the face so many times right now you’d be in a hospital," Trump says. "It was disgraceful. He ought be fired immediately."

In between clips of Trumps comments, the words "He's back" and "as you've never seen him before" flashes on the screen.

The video closes with Trump telling Cohen to "go to school, learn about being funny" as the line "Sacha Graduates Soon" appears on the screen. The clip ends with the logo for the now-defunct Trump University.

The edited video uses footage from a 2012 video Trump posted online as part of his "From the Desk of" YouTube series, in which he lambasted Cohen for carrying out a prank on the Oscars red carpet. Cohen, in character as General Admiral Aladeen from his movie "The Dictator," dumped an urn of ashes on E! host Ryan Seacrest.

The two have had a long-standing feud ever since Trump walked off an interview with Cohen’s Ali G character in a 2003 episode of "The Ali G Show." Trump has often referred to the segment as proof that he "never falls for scams" and claimed on Twitter that he was "the only person who immediately walked out of my 'Ali G' interview."

But, in a 2016 appearance on "The Late Late Show With James Corden," Cohen told the host that Trump sat through the interview for about seven minutes, noting that's "quite a long time for an Ali G interview." "The Ali G Show" only aired about two minutes of footage, which ends with Trump, who appears to realize he’s an unwitting target, wishing Ali G good luck and walking off.

Cohen also targeted Trump in his 2016 film “The Brothers Grimsby.” In the movie, Trump is infected with HIV.

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