WATCH: “Saturday Night Live” Spoofs “Hunger Games”

The episode was hosted by actor Josh Hutcherson

For actor Josh Hutcherson's "Saturday Night Live" hosting debut, cast members took part in real-life "Hunger Games" gauntlet.

Not long into Hutcherson's monologue, Kate McKinnon rushed in dressed as the well-known character from the movie Effie Trinket, with a bowl containing each cast member's name.

"In honor of you hosting tonight we are starting a new tradition," McKinnon said. "We're going to draw the name of one male and one female cast member and they will come on stage and fight to the death!"

McKinnon drew new cast member Noël Wells' name who walked onto the stage and said, "Well on the bright side I'll get some extra stage time."

However, Cecily Strong interrupted Wells and volunteered, both as a spoof on the movie and a joke about cast member rivalries.

Bobby Moynihan's name was drawn next from the bowl, who then appeared wielding a three-headed spear.

Hutcherson said was worried the cast was taking the movie too seriously. To that, Moynihan responded, "Josh relax, we're totally joking around. Obviously we're not going to kill each other. We're like a family."

But shortly after Strong shot Moynihan with an arrow and exclaimed "Oh my god, I just shot my friend. And it felt incredible!"

Throughout the episode, Hutcherson took part in a wide variety of sketches, playing a high school heartthrob on a teen show, an investigative reporter interviewing roaches, and even a subway performer who only dances within a three inch radius of his body.

The show also featured a sketch about Thanksgiving with Hutcherson playing a boy returning to his parents' house from college with his new girlfriend. The catch: the new girlfriend happens to be an actual turkey.

The episode opened with a mock edition of CNN's "Piers Morgan Live." 

A "Florida police chief" named Mike Davis (Bobby Moynihan) also poked fun at George Zimmerman, who was arrested and charged in connection with allegations from his girlfriend that he threatened her with a gun Monday after Florida authorities responded to a disturbance call at her home, allegations which Zimmerman has flatly denied. Morgan asked Davis why police seem powerless when it comes to addressing him.

"Well Piers it's simple: he has way more guns than us," Davis said. "And quite frankly he's giving the state of Florida a bad name. You know, people are going to forget all the good things that have come out of Florida like mosquitos, A-Rod's steroids, and the band Limp Bizkit."

"Weekend Update" also boasted topical jokes, targeting scandal-scarred Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said in an interview this week that he would have admitted to smoking crack sooner if anyone had asked him the question 'have you smoked crack?' rather than 'do you smoke crack?'" Cecily Strong said. "And much sooner if anyone had simply asked 'would you like some crack?'"

Another joke addressed his recent raucous council meeting.

"During a Toronto City Council meeting in which members stripped Rob Ford of most his powers, the controversial mayor charged the gallery and ran over a female council member before he was finally brought down by the third dart," Strong said.

Musical guest HAIM hit the stage to perform their songs "The Wire" and "Don't Save Me."

"SNL" will return live on Dec. 7 with host Paul Rudd and musical guest One Direction.

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