Sperm Bank Mistakenly Sent White Woman Black Donor's Sperm: Suit

Ohio woman says while she loves her child, she worries about raising her in an "intolerant" community.

A Downer's Grove, Illinois, sperm bank is being sued by a white Ohio woman after she was impregnated from vials she says the company mistakenly sent her from a black donor.

The Uniontown, Ohio, woman gave birth to a mixed-race baby two years ago. The suit claims it's difficult for her and her same-sex partner to raise the girl in a small all-white community she describes as "intolerant."

"I was more mad at the sperm bank for being negligent," Jennifer Cramblett told NBC News. "I was upset at them for not caring about my feelings and my emotions and just kind of pushing me away and saying we can't talk to you anymore. No sorry, no accountability."

Cramblett's lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank claims the error was made because the sperm bank keeps handwritten records, which led to a misread number.

Cramblett said she took legal action because she doesn't want anyone else going through what her family experienced and because the company just didn't care. She said she loves her daughter who's "made us the people that we are."

"You can't just do that and say, well, you got a baby so you should be happy. A lesbian couple can't get a baby anyways, you should be happy you have a healthy child," Cramblett told NBC News.

Phone calls to Midwest Sperm Bank and Cramblett's attorney were not immediately returned.

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