“The Voice” Blind Auditions Continue: Mentors on the Hot Seat

A coveted contestant grilled Cee Lo and Blake Shelton on what they could do for him

Twenty-four hours after its enormous season premiere, "The Voice" returned Monday night for two additional hours of blind auditions that wrapped up with the tables turned on mentors Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

Jermaine Paul, one of the final contestants and a background vocalist for Alicia Keys, won Cee Lo's vote early in to his soulful rendition of Avril Lavigne's  "Complicated." Shelton soon swiveled around and joined Cee Lo in his bid for the Keys-approved talent.

When the song wrapped, they each made their pitches, but instead of hearing the typical thank you speech, Paul hit them with an interrogation.

"I like the word want," Paul told them, responding to Cee Lo's gushing reaction to his performance ("I want you!" Cee Lo demanded). "But need is better and keep is even better." Will you keep me? Paul wanted to know.

Cee Lo bowed to pressure, telling Paul the words he wanted to hear but Shelton wouldn't indulge him.

"You have work to do," Shelton said, adding that he was extremely talented but not perfect.

The tough love won and Paul moved to Shelton's team joining Gwen Sebastian (a 37-year-old who held off on having kids to pursue her music career) and RaeLynn, a young country singer who performed Sunday night.

Other contestants who made it through the blind auditions include Angel Taylor, a 23-year-old who shared a story about an abusive father before belting out Adele's "Someone Like You." She joined team-Adam Levine along with Kim Yarbrough, a 50-year-old who's been trying to make it as a singer for her entire adult life.

Aguilera picked up The Line, a male-female duo who were mistaken for a couple, as well as Lindsey Pavao, a 22-year-old whom Aguilera told "I just want to play with you!"

Cee Lo didn't get Paul, but he did get Angie Johnson, an Air Force vet, and Jamar Rogers, a former drug addict from the Bronx who bear-hugged the "Forget You" singer, whom Rogers claims he has idolized for years.

"The Voice" continue next Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern on NBC.

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