Chilli Wants to Beam Up Captain Kirk

What R&B star Chilli wants in a man is Captain Kirk. Well, maybe.

As the girl group TLC singer continues her quest for the ideal mate on a new season of her VH1 reality series “What Chilli Wants,” she tells PopcornBiz she briefly thought the new-model Enterprise’s topkick might fit her admittedly high-standards list of qualifications.

“At one point I really wanted to meet Chris Pine,” Chilli reveals. “He was on the cover of some magazine and I read his article and he was very interesting. But then I thought 'Nah, I think I might just want to admire him.' He was describing something about his personality. It wasn't a bad thing at all, but he's certainly not in a place where he's ready to meet the right girl yet.”

Green or otherwise. Pine does play Starfleet's most swingin' senior officer, after all.

Chilli says she wasn’t surprised her search for the right man to marry and have her second child with wasn’t completed in the first season. “I had a sneaking suspicion that I'd still be looking, for the simple fact that they were all blind dates,” she says of the crop selected for her by relationship advisor Tionna T. Smalls.

“I don't suggest that for anybody, especially not for myself!” Chillia explains. “It's hard for somebody to find that match for you, especially when they don't know you well. Tionna and I had just met and she didn't really know me.”

Chilli insists she’s always known exactly what she wants in a man, and that’s why her standards (as defined by her ever-present list) are so exacting – but men who don’t make the cut shouldn’t feel judged. “Guys say 'She needs to get rid of that list!’ I'm not saying guys who are not like this are not great guys. They're just not what I'm looking for, and that's okay. I know that how I am as a woman, on the inside and the outside, does not work for a lot guys – and I don't take offense to that.”

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