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City Council to Decide Fate of New London K-9 Unit



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    The New London Police Union is hoping the City Council will continue to fight for an ordinance that mandates a four-dog K-9 unit.

    The Council saw the ordinance for the first time on Aug. 5 and unanimously pushed it through.

    But Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio handed them a veto last week, calling the ordinance an intrusion into his authority.

    Now it’s up to the council to overturn that veto. Six out of seven council members will have to vote in favor of the override in order for the Police Union to get its wish.

    The last contract between the city and the police union expired at the end of June. It provided for one dog, not four. Finizio said last week that he was willing to allow for two dogs, but that four was too many given the city’s current financial situation.

    The union has argued that dogs make police work safer. Finizio, on the other hand, said he would rather see that money spent on equipment such as tasers.

    Earlier this year, Finizio ordered two of the dogs retired, bringing the mayor’s office and the police union head to head in an ongoing debate.

    All eyes will be on the city council at its meeting tonight as the community waits to learn what will happen to the controversial K-9 ordinance.