Decision 2020

Your Voices: Why I Voted

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Voters started waiting in line early Tuesday morning, hours before the polls opened in some cases, to get a chance to vote. Some voters waited in line for 10 minutes. Others waited for two hours.

We're hearing from people across Connecticut and this is why you said it was important to vote.

I think everybody knows why this is such an important election and it’s great to voice your opinion. And it felt really great,

John Barresi, of Hartford

Alpha Kappa Alpha offers free rides to the polls in the north end of Hartford.

I work two jobs so I have to leave one, go to the other one, so I make sure, you know, because every vote counts,

Barbara Facey, of Hartford

. Aaron Lord, of Norwich, was in line for around 44 minutes and said he voted because, “It is your civic duty.” 

It is your civic duty.

Aaron Lord, of Norwich

Kelly Taylor, of Glastonbury, voted in person so that she could see her vote go through. 
She said she wants Glastonbury to continue conserving land and a vibrant down-town area.
She said she voted for candidates who can bring our society back into a balance. 

I feel I was doing something very positive in more ways than one.

Albert Pierre, of Hartford

Hundreds of voters lined up in Wallingford to cast their ballots today.

Didn’t want to wait. Didn’t want to have to be the ninth one in line or the 200th one in line. I was going to be here no matter what.

Marlese Starling, of Hartford

Rachel Taft, of Glastonbury, went to the polls with her two children and said she wanted to show her kids about the importance of voting. She said the country is divided and wanted to look and vote for people who can provide some cohesiveness in our communities.

Michelle Toennes, of Colchester 

I vote all the time. Every election. You talk about the presidency but I honestly think local representatives are more important. They’re the voice of your community, they represent you.

Michelle Toennes, of Colchester 
This was the line at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Norwich. Voters said it was taking about an hour. People in line were social distancing.

It’s a good show out. I like it, I love it, actually. It’s an important time to vote right now.

Michael Reynolds, of Hartford

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A group of Girl Scouts in Norwich brought joy to voters by setting up shop in front of the polls.

"It is going to ease my anxiety over this election. Tonight I am going to stay up and watch it, but I’m going to do it with cookies and milk.”

Michael Lahan, Norwich
A Norwich man got his share of Girl Scout cookies while going out to vote.
Janette Little of Bloomfield said she is voting to carry out her grandmothers legacy of fighting for civil, women’s and voting rights. She said neither COVID, the weather or long lines could stop her from casting her ballot.
Voting was a family affair for Perry, Barbara, and Nora Montrose in Norwich.
This grandmother and grandson duo, Kara Clark and Nizavior, hit the polls in New London.

“I am having him out here so he can see that his life depends on it. Not only for today, but for the future too.”

Kara Clark, New London

Connecticut does have Election Day Registration, so it is not too late to register. get details in our voters guide here.

Voters in Granby shared photos of voters in line as well.

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