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Big Ticket Comes With High Pricetag

Tickets are available, if you're willing to spend.



    Big Ticket Comes With High Pricetag
    FILE - In this Nov. 6, 2011 file photo, New York Giants' Eli Manning, right, is congratulated by New England Patriots' Tom Brady after the Giants' 24-20 win in an NFL football game in Foxborough, Mass. Brady has three Super Bowl rings, with another taken away by Manning and the Giants in 2008. Both have their teams on course for a reprise of that memorable title game. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

    Just hours after the Giants and Patriots secured the victories that will send them to Indianapolis in two weeks, many Connecticut fans are thinking about the Big Game, how much it would cost and how to get there. 

    The NFL packages, including tickets and hotel accommodations are already sold out, but tickets to the game are still available.   
    The NFL ticket exchange is offering tickets for $2,600 at the low end and $15,300 at the high end. 
    Ticketmaster is offering game day packages with no accommodations for $5,999. Packages with double occupancy rooms are $7,299, while single occupancy packages are $8,699. 
    Check Craigslist for Hartford and surrounding areas and you’ll also find listing after listing for tickets. 
    Some tickets will be legitimate, and others will not be, so the NFL offers tips on how to tell if the ticket is authentic. 
    The back of an official ticket may feature a two-tone hologram which changes with the angle of the ticket in sunlight. A fake Super Bowl ticket may have a sticker to imitate a hologram, only the image on the counterfeit sticker does not change.
    On a genuine ticket, the embossed images will be clear, crisp and on high-quality silver foil. It will be printed on heavy card stock with flawless perforations on each edge of the ticket.
    Fake tickets, on the other hand, might be printed on thin or flimsy card stock, have crooked perforations and blurry or irregular images. They also might be printed on low-quality stickers.
    Figure on another $1,000 for air fare, and then the additional cost of accommodations.