Canton Swimmer Qualifies for 2020 Olympic Trials

Will Gallant qualified in the 800m freestyle and 1500m freestyle.

Will Gallant - that’s a name you’ll want to keep an eye on when the 2020 Olympics gets closer. The 17-year-old swimmer from Canton is one of the best in the country.

Recently he qualified for the 2020 Olympic trials, putting him in the top two percent of all the swimmers in the country. Gallant qualified in the 800m freestyle and 1500m freestyle, making him one step closer to his lifelong dream.

"Will came on the team at 10 years old and we didn't accomplish this until he was 17,” said Gallant’s coach at WHAT Swimming in Farmington, Rob Riccobon.

“So all the foundation was put throughout this process, so when that moment comes along, that once every four years... You're ready to take that dive into the pool."

"(I) take a few deep breaths before my races and just went for it and after every race I had I knew I tried the best I could,” said Gallant. “It's been a busy few months and it will be an even busier few months but I love what I do and I love to compete and I love to train hard."

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