Diaco to Meet With Coaching Staff Monday

New Huskies football coach Bob Diaco will begin to meet with the current coaching staff Monday, presumably to decide who he will retain heading into the offseason. And while there are plenty of decisions to be made in the coming days and weeks, Diaco won't be rushed and he won't go into the process with any preconceived notions.

"I was actually asked a question [when meeting with coaches], 'You want to meet, well what should I do?' Do whatever you think you should do," Diaco said recently, according to the Hartford Courant. "If you're presenting something to me and you can add something to the organization don't let me hamper you by preventing you from having something that might change our organization."

The list of assistants includes interim head coach and offensive coordinator T.J. Weist.

"I'm going to meet with everyone [starting Monday]. I want to be done meeting with whoever wants to meet with me by Wednesday," Diaco said. "I'm not sure there will be a determination on any of that other than just the end of those meetings and then I'll hook back up with the administration here and begin the process of moving forward."

Athletic director Warde Manuel said some assistants have decided not to return. Manuel didn't identify them and Diaco said he was unaware of who they were.

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