How Close Are Manny Ramirez and the Yanks?

This is a rumor. This is only a rumor. Had this been an actual signing you would have been followed by official information, news, or instructions. But if you're a squeamish Red Sox fan, I instruct you that you still might want to turn away.

Because if this turns out to be true, the mental image of Manny Ramirez in pinstripes could turn your stomach. But Impacto Deportivo reports that Ramirez and the Yankees are close to a $75 million dollar deal over three seasons, and that an announcement could come Monday or Tuesday. The way that false rumor and misinformation is flying out there (I'm looking at you, Scott Boras), who knows what's really going on. And who knows what this has to do with Mark Teixeira. I mean, could a well placed Manny being Yankee rumor force the Red Sox to become a factor in the Teixeira bidding? Oh Mr. Boras ... you are sly.

But there have been rumblings that this could happen. So unless you're squeamish, go ahead and wonder about things like whether Manny's bat can bring the Yankee lineup back to the upper echelon, or whether Derek Jeter will be able to rein in Manny in the clubhouse, or even whether Hank Steinbrenner truly doesn't care about dreadlocks just yet. But just be advised that this may, or may not be a false alarm. This concludes this Major League Baseball rumor.

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