Terence Jeffers Likes Underdogs

I wanted to say that UConn is a good team, but I just couldn't bring myself to say it. It would make for a better headline. But UConn is an average team in the fifth or sixth worst conference in the BCS. They have a good quarterback in Tyler Lorenzen, and a defense that is competitive. It's not the best situation in the country, but it's not the worst either. They have a good chance to go to a bowl game again this year.

But Terence Jeffers has had enough of your average. He would much rather go to a team that will be a three TD underdog in just about every game they play.

Wide receiver Terence Jeffers has enrolled at Vanderbilt after transferring from Connecticut....Jeffers will have two years of eligibility left. He started every game in 2007 and led all the Huskies receivers with 44 catches, helping UConn share the Big East championship and earn a spot in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

Word is that Jeffers is unhappy with the way UConn was using him in the offense. Or that they just don't throw the ball enough for his liking might be a better way to put it. Maybe so, but you have a team with a guy that just got his first year of starting under his belt at quarterback. A team that was pretty young last year. You have to think that things will get better.

But no, he goes to Vanderbilt. A team that couldn't post a winning season with Jay Cutler at quarterback. Even when they're good, they're bad because the SEC is brutal. At least by playing in the Big East, he would have a chance to get on TV and get noticed. But hey, he'll probably get to play in front of a lot of homecoming crowds.

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