Hamilton Could Have Big Season

Freshman Daniel Hamilton has three older basketball-playing brothers

There will be no replacing Shabazz Napier. Just like there was no replacing Kemba Walker before him. But coach Kevin Ollie knows how to recruit and how to coach, and he'll always get the most out of his players.

Which brings us to freshman Daniel Hamilton, the 6-8 forward who can light up a scoreboard.

“He has a point guard mindset," Ollie said, via SNY.com's John Silver. "He can make passes. He just has vision and he’s a great rebounder. He’s a great player once he starts settling down and is more consistent on the defensive end.”

Senior point guard Ryan Boatright added: “He’s a natural born scorer. As long as he continues to play hard and play the right way, he’s going to be a great player.”

Hamilton has three older brothers -- Gary, who plays professionally overseas, Jordan was just cut by the Utah Jazz, and Isaac is at UCLA -- all of whom helped mold him into the player he is now.

“I think I learned from all my brothers and took each and every part and put it all together,” Hamilton said. “I am able to do everything on the court and that’s what I want to emphasis – no weaknesses.”

Hamilton is the biggest-named recruit but junior college transfer Sam Cassell Jr. and NC State transfer Rodney Purvis will also be critical for UConn's success in a post-Shabazz world.

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